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Nest Stage + Style by Alice Pearson

nesting - the tendency to arrange one's immediate surroundings, to create a place where one feels secure, comfortable, or in control -

Nesting isn't just something pregnant ladies do to set up a nursery, but the way we are wired, especially as women to gather, collect, draw on different experiences, things and people to build the perfect dwelling around us. nest stage and style is a interior styling and home staging service, if you are selling a property, making a new property your home or looking at bringing more style into your home - we can help.

About alice pearson

Caleb, my husband and I found ourselves in the public eye in 2013 as we embarked on the most challenging adventure of our lives, The Block NZ Season 2. Yes - I have given birth twice, and I will still say The Block is the hardest thing I have done!

After the Block two things happened, I became a Mum and I started a Home Staging business after furnishing our own house for sale. Two years into my business and I have been apart of staging empty homes for sale seeing amazing outcomes for my clients, worked with families to source and style their homes with decor and furniture they love and even managed cosmetic renovations and styled a business space. I love interior design, because for me I get to play a part in someone building their nest and making their house their home. 

I don't like the label Super Mum or Mummy Blogger - I'm simply someone who puts my time into the people I love and I do the things I love - with a lot of support! This is my nest.